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Zone Fitness is a Boutique Fitness Studio, specializing in One-on-One Personal Training, and Group Exercise Classes. Classes include Barre, Spinning®, Boot Camps, TRX®, Tabata, HIIT, and Yoga.  Our limited class sizes enable us to provide the optimal level of instruction for ANY fitness level. Whether you are just starting to exercise, or a seasoned workout veteran, Zone Fitness will help you achieve your goals.

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In June 2000, I had to have triple bypass surgery. Since then, I have been in the emergency room twice and had to have three separate procedures done. I was also diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes. Needless to say, I needed to make some changes. I had trouble climbing stairs, mowing the lawn, and simple things like playing with my kids were a scary thought for me. Though most of my health issues are hereditary, I had to give myself a fighting chance. Through the efforts of the team at Zone Fitness, I have developed the confidence to take on everyday activities that may seem simple to many, but were frightening to me at times. I remember my first workout. I could barely do 20 pushups; I did a plank for 20 seconds and thought I could do no more. Now, I have been able to do as many as 60-70 pushups, planks for three minutes, and many other exercises I couldn’t do when I was in my thirties.  The Zone Fitness team has forced me to move out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Although I still have ways to go, I will forever be grateful to them. Thank you Zone Fitness for helping me attain a better quality of life.

The commitment to exercise is an integral part of my life and I have enjoyed my membership at Zone Fitness for over 7 years. I have consistently been going twice a week which keeps me on track, accountable to someone, and healthy. The trainers are educated, top notch in the field of fitness studies and committed to your success. They create programs with a variety of exercises (with and without machines), provide support, encouragement and nutrition advice. The training is very customized for your particular needs and goals. The trainers are what makes this facility so successful!!!

I am extremely happy with my experience at Zone Fitness. The trainers have all been great and helpful. I originally came after an ankle injury to try to lose weight and get stronger. The trainers have pushed, supported, and encouraged me as needed at any given time. They helped me through several surgeries and many ankle injuries. I have come to workout in a boot and on crutches, and every time the trainer I worked with found exercises that helped to increase my strength while protecting my injury. I feel that anyone who is struggling with living a healthy lifestyle should try Zone Fitness. I highly recommend training here since the trainers are awesome and always willing and able to modify exercises for injuries, yet at the same time, they help you achieve your goals.