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/ Golf Simulator Available

Golf Simulator Available


Golf Simulator Available

Known as a sport of leisure and as a gentleman’s game, golf is one of the most popular, well-received sports worldwide. But did you know golfing helps keep your heart rate up?

Playing golf can lead to quite a bit of exercise for your heart. As is the case with burning calories, the club swinging will increase your heart rate, keeping it pumping and increasing blood flow. Naturally, this will lower your risks for heart diseases and decrease levels of “bad” cholesterol.

Come check out our new Golf Simulator:

  • Sixteen, precisely-tuned, high-speed infrared sensors track your club before, during, and after impact to give you precise and instantaneous feedback on every shot, including: swing speed, swing path, face angle, and point of contact.
  • 80 Sq Ft projector impact screen shows path of ball as soon as it leaves the club face.
  • Play a round at 45 different, world-renowned courses, or keep your game sharp on the simulated driving range.

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